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Innovations for Sustainable Development


In 2015, following the launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ADEC Innovations has taken the strategic decision to enhance its role and contribution towards International Cooperation and Sustainable Development


Programme Management

As a trustworthy partner, we provide support to our clients to enable the success of programmes and projects’ implementation in countries through an inclusive approach.

We help our clients to define programme objectives and to ensure their achievement through the use of rigorous project management frameworks and tools.

Monitoring, Reporting
and Evaluation

We combine expertise in Data Management, Artificial Intelligence and Software Development to define measurable indicators, assess progresses and evaluate the impact of projects, programme and investments.

Data management and processing solutions provide visibility and actionable insights across the supply chain, stakeholders, investors from various channels and sources, while customizable and scalable IT solutions address the needs of customers.

Technical and
Advisory Services

Our pool of global development experts provide advice and technical studies on critical areas of sustainable development such as health, education, energy, and climate change.

We help our clients to grow and expand their business by crafting market strategies, and providing advice and support in accessing and managing funding opportunities for impact driven sustainable projects.

Capacity Building and
Awareness Raising

We deliver customized and scalable capacity building and knowledge management solutions to support our clients in deploying effective education and raise awareness. Analytics and artificial intelligence are employed to transform learning & development into an organization’s competitive advantage and ensure impact.

Impact Investments

Through our expertise in private equity, we provide investment solutions to investors in emerging and frontier markets, create and manage impact funds and ensure systemic impact generation on the ground.

Project Portfolio

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