ADEC Innovations acquires Canadian software firm Ascentify

ADEC Innovations acquires Canadian software firm Ascentify Photo
ADEC Innovations acquires Ascentify

Conklin, NY, USA, June 30, 2018—Global sustainability-adherent firm ADEC Innovations has acquired Ascentify Learning Media Inc., an Ottawa-based firm that specializes in developing cloud-based development solutions that integrate job skills, communication, and language learning.


The acquisition was made possible through a “Share Transfer Agreement” between ADEC Innovations’ FirstCarbon Solutions Corporation, the purchaser, and Ascentify Learning Media Inc.


Present at the signing was ADEC Innovations CEO and Cofounder James M. Donovan, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) Chief Compliance Officer Anthony Catajan, Ascentify CEO and Cofounder Elias Diamantopoulos, and Diamantopoulos Trust representative Giulia E. Megnini.


Donovan believes that the acquisition will advance the company’s goal of becoming a significant force in the global learning segment. The strategic acquisition not only combines over 25 years of expertise but will also be a crucial factor to developing better, more advanced solutions that will benefit more segments and industries. The acquisition also complements robust offering of Learning Management Systems and programs especially in its enterprise or corporate learning solutions.


Ascentify, through its language learning solutions, has aided some of the world’s biggest technology and solutions providers such as British Telecom, Wipro, and IBM, to name a few. Ascentify uses SRI, the speech recognition engine behind Siri. Using this type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the call center industry, Ascentify has helped companies address their needs for speech, grammar, and accent neutralization using International Language Standards such as the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


ADEC Innovations also offers customized learning services through its knowledge management solutions.


“We want to capitalize on this exemplary technology to capture several markets like healthcare, the academe, and even regular consumers who simply want to have a better learning experience,” Donovan added.



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