ADEC Innovations CEO James M. Donovan Now Among New Major Representatives for Business to UN

ADEC Innovations CEO James M. Donovan Now Among New Major Representatives for Business to UN Photo

ADEC Innovations CEO and co-founder James Donovan is now one of the newly appointed Business and Industry Major Group Representatives to United Nations’ (UN) Environment Major Group Facilitating Committee (MGFC).


“I consider this appointment not only a challenge but also a privilege. To be at the forefront of an initiative of such a global magnitude is something that I would not put to waste. Donovan said. “It’s an honor to be leading the way to opening new doors and paving new avenues that would help change people lives, but we must understand that there is a lot of work to be done.” 


He will be joined by Majda Dabaghi, senior policy executive for Environment and Energy at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, France. Together they will be representing the environment sector in the MGFC, a sector-focused group accredited with the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA).


The UN Environment Assembly (UNEA), an environmental sustainability platform provider that caters to various entrepreneurial sectors across the globe, consists of nine (9) major groups including women, indigenous peoples and their communities, children and youth, workers and trade unions, business and industry, farmers, non-governmental organizations, local authorities, and the scientific and technological sectors.


“[Representatives are expected] to operate within the rules of engagement and procedure that United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has set up, [and to provide] guidance and expertise to develop policy positions representing the best contributions from the Major Group and Stakeholders (MGS) constituencies relevant to the agenda points of UNEA,” the UN Environment website stated.   


Donovan and Dabaghi will serve the committee for a period of two years, beginning on September 1, 2018.