ADEC Innovations CEO to Join Panel at the 47th OAS General Assembly in Mexico

ADEC Innovations CEO to Join Panel at the 47th OAS General Assembly in Mexico Photo

ADEC Innovations CEO and Global CEO Alliance (GCEOA) Chairman James Donovan will be attending the 47th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) to be held in Cancun, Quintana Roo, from June 19 to 21.

The General Assembly will be an opportunity to strengthen ties with both the public and private sectors and OAS Member States. With the theme, “Strengthening Dialogue and Concerted Action for Prosperity,” the event will focus on the role of the OAS in providing a platform for its member states to address global and hemispheric challenges.The involvement of ADEC Innovations and GCEOA will be instrumental in achieving a fruitful discussion on the significant role of private sector in the Latin America and the Caribbean regional context.

Mr. Donovan will be a part of one of the three interactive panels created based on the OAS’s four pillars which are Democracy, Human Rights, Sustainable Development and Multidimensional Security. He will also be attending the inaugural session hosted by Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto which will mark the start of the 3-day event.

Mr. Donovan’s knowledge and expertise in Data Management, Sustainable Development and Public-Private Partnerships will be valuable in discussions related to tackling global challenges in attaining global progress and prosperity.

The OAS was created to achieve order and justice, promote solidarity, strengthen collaboration, and defend sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence among its member states.

The GCEOA is the collective platform of executive leaders that provide visibility to their contribution and commitment to the 2030 Agenda. It is an enabling platform that provides a venue for the exchange of solutions in the form of expertise, collaboration, resources and technology in order to address the complexities of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Chairman’s participation in the Private Sector Forum will highlight the importance of knowledge and technology exchange to advance ‘Sustainability Shared’ and how it will help contribute to the data-drive requirements of OAS for informed decisions.

The Data Driven Decision making focus of GCEOA will help to contribute valuable insights to the public-private dialogue IN using creativity and innovation to combat the challenges of integration, the jobs of the future, technology and changes in labor.

ADEC Innovations is an impact investing company that designs, develops and delivers a diverse portfolio of Sustainable Business Solutions, to meet the Environmental, Social and Governance thrust of the world’s leading organizations.