ADEC Innovations Continues To Champion Sustainable Organizations

ADEC Innovations Continues To Champion Sustainable Organizations Photo

“As more and more companies begin to realize the value of sustainability in achieving long-term progress and growth, it is important to give proper recognition to those already making a huge impact through sustainability initiatives, so that we may empower others to do their share as well,” explained ADEC Innovations CEO James Donovan.

ADEC Innovations has been the sponsor of the Asia CEO Green Company of the Year award for four consecutive years. Through the award, the company honors corporate and non-corporate organizations that have demonstrated strong governance and involvement in sustainable initiatives in the country.

Past winners of the Green Company Award include San Carlos Solar Energy (SaCaSol) for 2014, E-motors Incorporated for 2015 and Imperial Homes Corporation for 2016.

SaCaSol is the country’s first utility scale solar farm that currently delivers over 70 million kW hours to the local grid. E-motors is the first manufacturer and assembler of zero-emission, electric three-wheelers (e-trikes). Imperial Homes Corporation is a real estate developer known for creating the first solar-powered housing project in the Philippines.

Launched in 2010, the Asia CEO Awards is dubbed as one of the largest business gatherings that showcases the ASEAN region as a premier business destination in the global market. It also recognizes organizations and individuals who have shown extraordinary leadership in delivering sustainable business solutions to the world.

Because of the company’s own sustainability efforts, ADEC Innovations has received its fair share of Asia CEO Awards. In 2016, Mr. James Donovan was recognized as the Expatriate CEO of the Year.

In 2014, the company, through its member company Envirosite Corporation won the Technology Company of the Year; and in 2013, Donovan alongside company CFO, Ms. Carol Esguerra, was awarded the Executive Leadership Team Award for turning ADEC Innovations from a small local enterprise into a strong global leader in sustainability.

Furthermore, ADEC Innovations has been consistently part of the roster of finalists for Innovative Company of the Year since 2011 because of its leadership and expertise in delivering Sustainable Business Solutions through technology and innovation.

ADEC Innovations is an impact investing company that designs, develops and delivers a comprehensive and cutting-edge portfolio of Sustainable Business Solutions to meet the Environmental, Social and Governance thrust of the world’s leading organizations.