Manila, Philippines (May 18, 2017) ADEC Innovations will launch its comprehensive and cutting edge portfolio of Sustainable Business Solutions during CeBIT Australia 2017 which will be held on May 23 to 25 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

“As the largest annual business technology event in Australia, it is the best venue to showcase our Sustainable Business Solutions (SBS). This is the outcome of our two decades’ worth of experience and expertise in sustainability, environmental data services, knowledge management, data management and health solutions,” said ADEC Innovations CEO Mr. James Donovan.

ADEC Innovations started out as a business process outsourcing company in the mid-90s. They specialized in back-office processes, which enabled them to advance their expertise in data management.  Building upon this foundation, the company expanded into the field of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) services, growing its solutions development capabilities during this process in order to complement the strength of its already well-developed back-office BPO capabilities.

Mr. Donovan further explained, “With SBS, we are simply putting together 20 years of ADEC Innovations’ journey to define how we will position ourselves to be the largest provider of Sustainable Solutions in the next five years. This is not about creating something new. This is simply who we are.”

With a presence in five continents—Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North-America—ADEC Innovations serves top private sector organizations in the world. They provide title products and services (processing data related to the sale, refinance and foreclosure of properties) to one of the biggest title insurance companies in the US. They also inspect package processes for one of the leading logistics companies in the US, and provide technology support for the banking system in Australia and the UK. They also serve public sector clients, doing legal transcription for the court system of an ASEAN country and environmental data tracking for a major Philippine city.

On its 16th year, CeBIT Australia is attended by over 15,000 technology professionals from enterprise, government, SME and start-up. ADEC Innovations has been consistently joining the Philippine delegation organized by the IBPAP since 2012.