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Professional Services

Our team comprises a pool of experts focused on providing advice on the design and delivery of solutions in the critical areas of sustainable development such as health, education, energy, and climate change.

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ADEC Innovations ESG Solutions

ADEC Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Solutions deliver fully integrated, cost-effective industry expertise, business process & data management, and software services to ensure we meet your ever- evolving ESG needs and help you improve sustainability performance, gain unprecedented insights, optimise resource use, and drive operational efficiencies.

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FirstCarbon Solutions

In an ever-changing regulatory and sustainability environment, we understand the challenges you face. Our highly qualified environmental specialists, energy management consultants, and technical experts deliver integrated, industry-specific solutions that move your project forward, so that you can focus on what matters.

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ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management

More than consultancy, we partner with schools and enterprises to help them design or enrich their learning ecosystems. We strongly believe in the impact of learning ecosystems in the community. Designing an architecture to support an ecosystem should always be anchored in an active partnership and not just passive consulting. Our long-lasting engagements with NGOs, government offices, schools, and enterprises serve as testimonies.

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Cameron-Cole Creating Sustainable Success. An ADEC Innovation

Cameron-Cole is a U.S.-based consulting firm that brings decades of successful experience as a full-service environmental compliance, assessment, remediation, and greenhouse gas management services. Cameron-Cole services a diverse clientele globally ranging from transportation, consumer products , construction materials, financial services, internet services, manufacturing, petrochemical, aerospace, and waste management industries, as well as government and other public sectors.

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We provide organisations with customisable and scalable software and IT solutions, coupled with industry expertise and world-class experience in back office data processing, to give you comprehensive solutions customised to meet your unique needs.

Software as a Service

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Integrated Software and Data Bureau 

The CleanChain Platform host a suite of modules that provides a secure, central solution for organisation to engage with their supply chains to gain greater visibility and insight across a number of ESG disciplines. Our modules are designed to increase long-term profitability throughout supply chains by demonstrating and improving sustainable business practices and processes.

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MetricsTrac Logo

Globally Accessible Information System and Technology Platform

MetricsTrac is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology platform containing a suite of ESG applications that measures carbon footprint, provides information on the impacts of business operation, and manages data. Its highly scalable and customisable features maximises resource use, reduces operational costs and improves sustainability performance.

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Foodchain logo

Carbon Footprint and Impact Monitoring

FoodChain, an ADEC Innovation, is a unique strategic tool designed to help companies in the food services industry minimise their carbon footprint, lower their environmental impact, and reduce operational costs. The robust and user-friendly platform allows food service operators to calculate waste, water, and CO2e emissions, with the flexibility to track and monitor custom emissions.

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Cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS)

Ascentify is an innovative cloud-based digital assessment and training platform for organisations, academia, governments and development partners. We make use of our L&D expertise in pedagogy, instructional design, technology, and project management to provide first- rate, customised and scalable learning solutions via our Solutions Framework. The integrated assessment and training platform enables you to test, train, and audit an employee’s progress from recruiting, to on-boarding, to on-the-job training using immersive content and adaptive testing.

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Bespoke Technology Solutions

We design customisable and scalable software and IT solutions for development partners, organisations and governments which addresses their specific needs, combining our industry knowledge, technology expertise, and unique architecture.

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Global Development SaaS/DaaS

We combine expertise in data management, Artificial Intelligence, and software development to define measurable indicators, assess progress and evaluate the impact of global development projects, programme and investments.

Data as a Product

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Envirosite & Envirability Logos

Cost-Effective Environmental Risk Reporting 

ENVIRObility delivers open environmental data innovations to countries, cities, and businesses to encourage better decision- making, promote sustainable planning, and improve quality of life. Access to environmental data allows community leaders to protect local assets and improve resiliency while fostering sustainable economic development.

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We provide a wide range of low cost back-office support from various delivery centres across the globe. Our diverse workforce and outsourcing solutions let you effectively manage cost in your organisational support and non-core activities. With this, we help you free up valuable time and resource that allow you to focus on core strengths and strategic activities.

Workforce Solutions

Business Process Outsourcing

Data Management

Health Information Management

PEO Services

Managed Services


Amdatex is ADEC Innovations’ leading-edge member company in business process management. Amdatex leverages ADEC Innovations’ data management and technological resources to bring customised outsourcing solutions that help organisations streamline their processes to focus on their core strengths and competencies. 

Arise, an ADEC Innovation

Arise, is an award-winning provider of business process outsourcing and customer experience services based in Limerick, Ireland. With over 20 years of experience working with a wide array of clients ranging from global brands to government agencies, providing various products and services in Europe. 

ADEC Solutions – USA

ADEC Solutions USA is another business process management part of ADEC Innovations which offers Document Management Services, Online Archiving and Retrieval, Customer Experience Services, Rebate Processing and Fulfilment, Business Process Services, and Application Development.

ADEC Preview Solutions

ADEC Preview serves the documents scanning, capture, and archiving requirements of the Australian and New Zealand markets. We specialise in providing a vast range of document outsourcing services, including medical records scanning for the healthcare industry, seeking new ways to achieve high performance by reducing costs.

ADEC China

ADEC China is a global distribution centre of ADEC Innovations providing services on data management, technology service, knowledge management, and business process outsourcing assistance. ADEC China assists organisations in their transformation and upgrading by improving the learning and development of other organisations, and providing them with global data management and logistics office services. 

ADEC Kenya

ADEC Kenya is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya spearheading ADEC’s Impact Sourcing Hub on providing quality Data Services to our clients worldwide. Launched in 2014, ADEC Kenya is an expert in bringing cost-effective Data Solutions globally. We provide high quality data capture, data entry, and validation services. 

ADEC Innovations Healthcare

ADEC Innovations Healthcare offers customisable and integrated solutions responsive to the dynamic requirements of the healthcare industry. We provide solutions that significantly improve the delivery of healthcare services on a larger scale. The broad range of their portfolio serves all facets of the healthcare revenue cycle from enrolment to more complex medical coding and claims processing, including analytics as well as other knowledge process management services for the health industry. 


An emerging leader in the knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) industry, Pharma KPO is anchored on its proven leadership in the global outsourcing business and provides its partners with a broad range of solutions that are aimed at reducing costs while optimising business performance.

ADEC Philippines

A managed services and IT outsourcing provider based in Manila, ADEC Philippines is a member of ADEC Innovations. We offer a wide array of online tools, resources and professional consulting services to help you achieve your business goals. We also design, develop and implements software technologies required for effective development and training of business processes for optimising back-office functions.

Case Studies

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Impact Capital

ADEC Capital focuses on providing capital to address the growing environmental and social issues around the globe. We actively seek to support organisations, governments, non-profits, and funds in key industries that will drive impact at scale.


Annual Investment Gap to Achieve the SDGs

ADEC aims to contribute in bridging the $2.5 Trillion Sustainability Development Goal-financing gap by partnering with governments, enterprises, and coalitions in the delivery of different assurance solutions. We bring our operational and management experience to help our deal partners and investee companies to achieve their investment and impact goals.

Impact Fund Management


Managed Services