— James Donovan, ADEC Innovations CEO

ADEC Innovations ESG Solutions

Integrating sustainability into the corporate agenda is a crucial investment in today’s business environment.  Sustainability strategies and programs help organizations save money by reducing operational costs, maximize profits by improving brand recognition and consumer trust, and improve risk management through the systematic monitoring of corporate environmental performance.  Our experts help you facilitate your sustainability programs by making accurate assessments and developing custom-tailored, cost-effective Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Solutions that address your unique needs.

The right sustainability strategy can dramatically reduce your operating costs, risks and carbon footprint, and help you meet your business goals. ADEC Innovations’ ESG Solutions help organizations and governments analyze their energy regulatory programs and strategies, lessen their carbon footprint, and increase their bottom line.

Our team includes some of the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants to help you make the most effective decisions about sustainability in your business.  ADEC Innovations helps you sift through your energy saving opportunities to find the solutions that make the most sense for your organization.

ADEC Innovations Environmental Data Services

Through ADEC Innovations Environmental Data Services, we extract business insights from your land sites. We have the second-largest 50-state coverage in the United States among companies providing environmental data for due diligence and environmental risk management.

Providing real-time searching, mapping and delivery of content, we generate business-critical information about a land site using 50 map layers, with data drawn from over 1,500 databases. We use multiple types of data to deliver a better understanding of property value, history and risk.  With a complete array of environmental data services and solutions, we place you in a position of informed advantage.

Corporate, engineering, insurance, banking and legal organizations rely on us to capture value and manage risks in site development from billions of data points. Environmental engineers and consultants choose to work with us to reduce weeks of data gathering and analysis into a matter of minutes. Our environmental data solutions consolidate and organize huge amounts of environmental data to help clients make smarter environmental assessments and investments.

Knowledge Management | Learning Management Systems (LMS)

ADEC Innovations is a key player in learning and development and the educational services industry.  We bring customized learning solutions that facilitate an effective learning process for learners in both academic and corporate settings. 

For our partner schools, we have the right educational solutions designed to boost learner engagement and help achieve learning goals. And for our corporate clients, we have a wide array of corporate training services that lead to optimized use of time, money and resources. Many of our services are done online, which means they are faster, cheaper and more convenient for organizations and their stakeholders. 

Our various eLearning and information management solutions include curriculum design and eLearning content development; certifications, simulations and assessments; Learning Management Systems (LMS) and mobile learning systems; and content conversion.

Data Management | Custom Data Management Solutions


Whether the data challenges you face are industry-specific issues, time-sensitive outsourcing concerns, or matters of scalability, ADEC Innovations has the custom data management solutions you need to ensure that you maximize the benefits and insights you extract from your data.

When data management systems are not properly designed to meet the needs of a company, they are unable to fully interpret and translate financial and other types of data they collect into actionable insights.  Moreover, reducing costs from wasteful inefficiencies in your processes is crucial to business success because a profitable enterprise requires a healthy bottom line.

This is where we come in. With our customized applications and outsourcing capabilities, we provide you targeted data management solutions that maximize the utility of your data, and we handle your non-core processes so you can focus on your core business priorities and competencies. Our back office support solutions and document outsourcing services are designed to help you enhance your services, meet business objectives, increase customer satisfaction ratings and reduce operational costs.

ADEC Innovations Healthcare - RCM Healthcare

The broad range of our portfolio serves all facets of the healthcare revenue cycle, from patient data enrollment to more complex medical coding and claims processing, including analytics and other knowledge process management services for the health industry. Through our technology platforms and software IP, we provide valuable support to practitioners, allowing them to focus on their most important priority–premium patient care.

ADEC Innovations has been dealing with US companies for more than two decades now, and we have mastered delivering excellent output in record turnaround time. We have extensive knowledge of the US healthcare industry and expertise in Medical Billing and Coding. With us as your partner, you WILL experience a substantial improvement in your billing operations and significantly increase your collection. Our offices and processes are all completely HIPAA- compliant. The confidentiality and security of our clients' records are our utmost priority, and we diligently track regulatory changes to keep ourselves updated in compliance at all times. We ensure your operations are sustainable for long-term growth.