With a focus on addressing the growing environmental and social issues around the globe, ADEC Innovations partners with governments, enterprises, and coalitions in the delivery of different solutions that have impact on our planet and the people who generally have more limited opportunities. We bring our operational, financial, and management experience to help organizations achieve their impact goals.


Impact Sourcing

We provide sourcing solutions that employ high potential, disadvantaged people around the world.

Impact Education

We offer learning channels and options for people faced with barriers that may limit their educational opportunities.

Impact Projects

We facilitate projects that deliver sustainability, resiliency, prosperity, and transformational outcomes.

Impact Capital

We aim to contribute to bridging the $2.5 Trillion Sustainability Development Goal-financing gap.

Our Portfolio

ESG Solutions

ADEC Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Solutions deliver fully integrated, cost-effective industry expertise, business process & data management, and software services to ensure we meet your ever- evolving ESG needs and help you improve sustainability performance, gain unprecedented insights, optimize resource use, and drive operational efficiencies.

ESG Solutions
ADEC Kenya

Spearheading ADEC Innovations’ Impact Sourcing Hub in Nairobi, ADEC Innovations Kenya provides services that include quality data capture, validation and assurance; contact center and customer experience; and, image annotation and data labeling.

ADEC Innovations Kenya
ADEC Knowledge Management

The ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management team partners with schools and enterprises to help them design or enrich their learning ecosystems. We strongly believe in the impact of learning ecosystems in the community. Designing an architecture to support an ecosystem should always be anchored in an active partnership and not just passive consulting. Our long-lasting engagements with NGOs, government offices, schools, and enterprises serve as testimonies.

ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management
ADEC Philippines

A managed services provider based in Manila, ADEC Philippines has thousands of associates on hand to provide superior back-office management for clients worldwide.

ADEC Innovations Philippines
FirstCarbon Solutions

In an ever-changing regulatory and sustainability environment, we understand the challenges you face. Our highly qualified environmental specialists, energy management consultants, and technical experts deliver integrated, industry-specific solutions that move your project forward.

FirstCarbon Solutions

As healthy giant kelp forests can produce 100 times more oxygen from carbon sequestration than a terrestrial forest of equivalent size, Southern Ocean Carbon Company focuses on better understanding and commercializing giant kelp and other seaweed production for carbon capture and sequestration, biomass creation, and other uses of this sustainable, underutilized resource.

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