About us

About us

ADEC Innovations advances sustainable practices around the world and helps organisations grow and operate responsibly. Seamlessly delivering fully integrated, cost-effective consulting, data management, and software solutions, ADEC Innovations helps clients save time, reduce costs, optimise resource use, and drive operational efficiencies in a world where sustainability matters.

With nearly 40 years of group experience in data management, software solutions, professional services and workforce solutions, our products and services cover various industry sectors such as education, health information, environmental services and compliance.


To co-create innovative ESG assurance solutions and quality services that deliver better results for companies, people and the planet.


To be a global leader in ESG Assurance solutions.


As a trusted partner, we harness data to help bridge the gap between our client’s capabilities and their sustainability goals, allowing them to become more resilient and managing and transforming risk into positive impact and value.

One team, one goal 

We are one team, spread around the world, working towards a common objective.


Employees worldwide


Projects across 5 continents


Active ADEC software users


Number of years industry experience

Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, France, Ireland, Kenya, Malaysia, Malta, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America.

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Core Values

We live our values – in what we say and do. Our core values are woven into the very fabric of how we do business, fuelling positive change for the entire organisation and for our clients.

Customer Focus

Continuously understanding the unique needs of our client, enabling us to deliver unparalleled customer solutions through our world- class services


Being dynamic, innovative and passionate for learning, fuelling our relentless pursuit to achieve the highest level of standards in everything we do


Treating our stakeholders, clients, suppliers and community with courtesy and compassion


Proactively working together and being accountable to each other to achieve our vision


Advocating honesty in our workplace by doing the right thing even when no one is looking


Making things happen by creatively maximising our resources to ensure each other’s success

We walk the talk –
Our own sustainability practices

In our service delivery, activities and initiatives, we drive long-term and assured impact to the three pillars of sustainability – economy, environment and society. We work with the United Nations and thousands of organisations to contribute to a more sustainable future.

UNGC Ten Principles

We are committed to the Ten UNGC Principles

Global Sustainable Goals

We advanced 13 out of the 17 global sustainable goals

Paris Agreement

Our promise to limit temperature increment to 1.5°C

Meet the team

To be able to responsibly advise and guide our customers along their sustainability journey, we have assembled a team of talented and passionate leaders from across various industries and cultures.

James Donovan

James Donovan

Chief Executive Officer, Group

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As Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jim brings 25 years of investment banking expertise and entrepreneurial vision into the company.

Carol Esguerra

Carol Esquerra

Chief Finance Officer

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As Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer, Carol negotiates high-level partnerships and acquisitions using her investment banking expertise.

Andrew Paterson

CEO, AMEA Region (Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa)

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Andrew brings close to four decades worth of leadership experience in various industries such as petroleum, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, logistics, and government consulting.

Deana Jardim

Deana Jardim

Global Marketing Officer

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Deana has spent over two decades within the marketing industry. She is an award-winning and accomplished marketing and advertising leader with a performance history of building strong customer relationships that result in the increased levels of client satisfaction and revenue.

Scott Walchak

Global Middle Office Head

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With over 20 years of experience in international law and economic and business development, Scott is responsible for managing enterprise level issues and promoting good governance across the ADEC group.

Ben Wilde

Ben Wilde

Managing Director, ADEC DataAssured

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Ben specialises in designing and building ESG Information management solutions, ventures, and businesses. Having previously co-founded ADECs CleanChain technology business, Ben is responsible for ADEC’s new ESG managed services venture, DataAssured.

Daniel Murray

Managing Director, ADEC Technologies

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With over two decades of experience in international, commercial and business development roles, Daniel is responsible for developing and operating technology-driven commercial strategies across the group.

Patrick Schultz

Patrick Schultz

Chief Operations Officer, Professional Services

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With over 25 years’ experience in operations management, process improvement and project management, Patrick is responsible for working collaboratively across all ADEC operations and business units to deliver outstanding services and products to our clients worldwide.

Culley Thomas

Associate Director, Professional Services, ESG & Climate

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Leading the ESG Professional Services unit, Culley oversees the team's technical delivery of climate, water, biodiversity and other ESG-related reporting, strategy development, performance monitoring, and data collection/management work streams for global clients.

Rich Loveland

Richard Loveland

GM, Production, AMEA

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Richard has an extensive leadership experience of business process outsourcing, operations management, building teams and on boarding new clients & services, particularly in the call centre arena.

Jurgen Tanpho

Jurgen Tanpho

General Manager, Philippines

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With 28 years of experience in management roles within the BPO industry, Jurgen is responsible for the overall management of our Philippine operations.

Michelle Tan

Michele Tan

Head, Global Development

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Michelle is a Business Management graduate with 15 years experience in corporate organizations. Michelle leads Research and Development and manages the company’s programmes with the United Nations.

Advisory Board

Robert Francisco

Robert Francisco

Board Advisor

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Robert brings over his 25 years of experience in environmental management as the Advisor to the Company's Board.

Justin Holt

Board Advisor – Oceania

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Justin brings over 17 years of strategic operational experience from the managed services sector as advisor to the Company’s Board.

We are here to to support your Sustainability Journey

ADEC Innovations is committed to supporting your sustainability journey. Our ESG assurance solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate subject matter expertise, software, data management and capital services, to provide organisations with the knowledge and tools to achieve their sustainability goals.

Your Sustainability Journey

Our work hub

Here are some examples of how we have worked together with organisations, governments and coalitions around the world to deliver a more socially and environmentally sustainable future for all.

Case Studies