AMDATEX in Manila is an innovative market leader in providing customized global outsourcing solutions to our clients worldwide. AMDATEX specializes in Document Management Solutions, Finance and Accounting Solutions, Healthcare Solutions, Legal Solutions and Legal Transcription.

ADEC Preview offers document outsourcing services for healthcare and other industries pursuing new ways to achieve high performance by reducing costs. With 20 years of industry experience, we have one of the largest document scanning capacities in New Zealand and Australia.

ADEC Solutions in the United States is a global leader in business and technology solutions, assisting clients by processing over 30 million transactions per month in accordance with best industry practices on improving operational efficiencies and optimizing resource use.

ADEC Kenya in the Africa hosts the company’s business process management and knowledge process outsourcing services, providing data-entry services, research data trace, data and document management, and back office support as well as eLearning services.

ADEC China hosts all our company’s services, with special emphasis on the eLearning solutions of our Knowledge Management Division through A-Plus Languages.  ADEC China transforms organizations by enhancing learning and development, and providing data management support.

ADEC Philippines is a managed services company of ADEC Innovations based in Manila. It provides superior back office management, information technology outsourcing and help desk and customer service solutions for clients worldwide so they can stay focused in achieving their business goals.

What really drives us together is managing data for better results and helping people make smarter decisions based upon those results.

— James Donovan, ADEC Innovations CEO